Due to the pressures of limited resources, complex pests and disease, as well as increased regulations, the next generation of agriculture requires innovative products. Sorghum is one such crop. The scientists of Bartek Ag are committed to the expansion and innovation of sorghum genetics

Demand for sorghum is at an all time high
— Florentino Lopez, Executive Director of the Sorghum Checkoff

In recent years, sorghum has transformed from a rotational or substance crop into the cash crop of the future. The USDA estimates acres planted to reach 7.9 million in 2015.  Sorghum has shown better ROI over corn, presenting yields that are comparable and even slightly higher according to recent cost analysis.

Evolution of the Sorghum Market

  • Within the first six month of 2014/2015 marketing year, U.S. sorghum has met the USDA’s export projection for 2015 with a commitment of over 300 million bushels
  • China, with a growing demand for high quality feed, represents over 288 million bushels; roughly 96% of total U.S. grain exports
  • Japan has committed to 11.8 million bushels, followed closely by Canada and Mexico